Bioresonance stimulants

Given the need to gain resonant responses, there were created databases of the computer models - stimulants, which allow to have an influence using electromagnetical pulse, light and sound impulses which frequence characteristics are identical with the interruption frequency. List of the stimulants you can see in the following table.

Equipment Magnetical inductors Monitor Stereo headphones
Stimulant Electromagnetical pulses Colour Sound
Sequence Interruption frequency of magnetical inductors Visual Audio
1 1.66 dark raspberry C
2 2.49 red D
3 3.32 orange E
4 4.15 yellow F
5 4.56 green F#
6 4.98 light blue G
7 5.81 blue A
8 6.64 violet H
9 7.47 dark violet C

As has been already scientifically proven, these models of stimulants does have a specific influence on the nervous system of the body by acting through sensitive receptors what increases sensitivity of the body and formed biofeedback.