What is bioresonance

Medical-philosophical postulate regarding the healing of diseased and not disease, is known for a very long time yet modern therapy is mostly focused on disease and on suppression of symptoms. Efforts regarding dealing with this fact are underway.

In years 1940 - 1945 under the supervision of Prof. Harold S. Burr of medical faculty of Yale university, was established a research program which included many biologists and scientists from other universities. Conclusion of this research can be summarized in following sentences: "All living organisms have electric fields and as a result they also have magnetic fields. These fields disappear after death of organism."

Electromagnetic interactions have fundamental meaning in organization, structure and functionality of living systems in a healthy state as well as in the case of disease. Within the cells, as well as in between the cells there is a constant exchange of information through electromagnetic waves.

Electromagnetic oscillations - these are the most important forces in nature. They control metabolism, growth, distribution of hormones, sensation of pain and all physical manifestations of life. Connecting forces within the molecule - these are magnetic forces. Molecules are not interconnected physically but through means of electromagnetic interaction.

Human being - complex electromagnetic system, mutually interacting with surroundings in various scales of frequencies. We can divide them into basic frequencies, supporting frequencies and frequencies of energy-information exchange between the cells.

Frequencies of energy-information exchange between cells is 40-70 GHz (which equals to 40-70 billions frequencies in second). This is the most important scale of frequencies for human. Basic frequency - 7,8 and 14,1 Hz - these are alfa frequencies - and beta - rhythms of brain. It is actually related to fluctuations of Earth's magnetic fields.

This way has the nature protected human, during the process of evolution: human biorhythms, similarly to tuning fork as if they co-resonate with Earth's electromagnetic field and synchronize.

Biologic interactions above all on two parameters - strength and frequency of emission/radiation:
Depending on strength we differentiate between thermal and non- thermal interaction. Imaginary border between these two areas is magnitude of 10 miliwats per cm2 of irradiated surface. Under such load tissues may heat up by several tens of degrees. The frequency of emission is related to how well is the energy absorbed in the human body.

For example VHF waves ( 30 - 300 MHz ) are absorbed more weakly in tissues than decimeter waves ( 300 - 3000 MHz ) and emission of centimeter wavelength ( 3 - 30 Ghz ) can be completely "locked" in living tissue in depth of several centimeters. Biological system is under certain influence also from very high frequency emission ( 30 - 300 GHz ).

Energy-information exchange in organism characterizes relative dynamic consistency of internal environment (blood, tissues of organism) and stability of fundamental physiological functions (blood circulation, breathing, metabolism and so on). Many sophisticated processes take place on energy-information level. Mutual interaction takes place in the scale of very high frequencies generated by cells. During mutual interaction of frequencies of 40 - 70 GHz, cells create torsion fields which can "lock" them in certain position in space. It creates this way various cellular groups: internal organs, bones, muscles and so on.

Dr. Harold Burr from Yale University discovered that disease is preceded by change of electromagnetic impulses. It means, that diagnostics of energy-information exchange in organism can evaluate health condition of person - and above all - it is able to predict disease and based on that suggest preventative measures. Testing is based on theory of resonance according to principle of feedback of human organism. This is done through activation of sub cortical structures in brain - hypothalamic area (central echo of regulation of all organism's functions) and subsequently registration of signals which it emits.

In order to create resonance effect in bio system existence of certain factors is necessary:

Bio resonance device (such as sensitiv IMAGO) allows to form - through the use of electromagnetic waves -activity of neurons in patient's brain. Background of this activity manifests as neuron's ability to amplify signals of organism (bio resonance effect).

It is necessary to state that many years of research have preceded creation of this diagnostic method whose goal was to:
  1. precise locating of sub cortical structures responsible for regulation of function of each specific organ;
  2. creating a correlation between signal intensity reflected from hypothalamus and the stage of significance of pathological process in a given organ;
  3. creation of virtual model of healthy organs and various forms of disease. Apart from that, there are many statistic materials regarding the classification of disease according to various groups, where gender and age of patient are taken into consideration, which allows to predict condition of human organism right during the import of primary information - gender and age.

Full spectrum of electromagnetic oscillations of patient, which is combination of all oscillations of his atoms, molecules, tissues, organs and systems of organism, represents to different types: physiological and pathological.

Physiological ("harmonious") oscillations, are those that originate from healthy organs. Each organ has specific spectrum of electromagnetic oscillations, which are unique only for this organ and which will be shown during the diagnostics on the monitor in the form of graph.

For each organ of the human organism is defined a scale of frequencies and subsequently it is inscribed into the graph for example: for heart it is 700-800 Hz increased to 1500 Hz during chest pain.
For kidneys it is 600-800 Hz increased to 900 Hz during inflammation.
For labor it is 300-400 Hz increased to 600 Hz during inflammation.

Graph - is an etalon process that written into the program - essential data (etalon processes). Testing through the use of bio resonance and matching wavelength characteristics of patient with etalon processes has became fundamental during that delopment of the latest method of diagnostics - energy-information diagnostics - nonlinear analysis (NLS). It is one of the latest developments in the field of medicine allowing to lock and visualize in the form of graphs and cartograms even the slightest changes in biological structures of living organism. Frequency characteristics of healthy organs are systematically divided into nine filters (groups). This will be shown in the graph.

Each filter contains information about several organs at the same time (they are frequency-approximate).

During testing electromagnetic characteristics of organ (or system) is being written down into the graph. Each human has individual graphs, they do not repeat and they cannot because it is the sum of all processes-diagnosis (and its severity), and also microorganisms which are present in the organism in that very moment. Program automatically compares etalon processes (graphs) written in the database with the graphs that were generated from the data received from the patient. If any two graphs are similar, program will show them on the screen as etalon processes to be examined from which we make conclusion about condition of the organism. Any pathological process has its own specific oscillation. There are more than 10,200 graphs of pathological processes stored in the memory of the computer related to severity of the disease, age, gender and other parameters.

Pathological ("disharmonious") oscillations are being created when the thin processes of control are being changed due to oscillations that do not belong into the organism. These disruptions are causing physical manifestations of disease if regulation system was not able to compensate it adequately.

It is also necessary to mention, that in healthy organism in non-active state that is great variation of microbes and viruses and change in frequencies can influence their activity. If the decrease of frequency to 450 Hz viruses can be activated. Microbes can be activated at 350 Hz.

Graphs of mikroorganisms

Bioresonance effect

There is not even a single action in the nature that would be taking place without obtaining and subsequent emitting of information. Information is objective, uninterrupted during the given action, and it represents certain "hologram" that gives us the possibility of discovering or finding out great deal of information about given object. Information index or coefficient is biorhythm, or natural cycles of change in living cell ensuring its functionality and vitality created by metabolism in itself.

We can metaphorically call biorhythm pulse of the planet. Nature cannot exist without systematic information about state of surrounding environment. In opposite case nature would not be ready for changes in ecological sphere and would not be able adapt to these changes.

It is the biorhythm that is manifestation of nature's information energy. Scale of the frequencies changes from low to high.

Diseases are not created out of nothing. State of compensation can take entire years or even tens of years. When first symptoms of disease appear, it means that process has gone too far and mechanisms of self-regulation are not handling their job anymore which means that harmony of all organs and systems has been disrupted.

All living processes are essentially wavelength processes. Certain wavelength characteristics carry information about everything regarding organs, tissues, cells... Healthy cells have also their specific wavelength information while unhealthy ones have different. If all systems are working harmoniously-human is healthy. The higher the compensation possibilities of organs and systems are, the slower the manifestation of processes of aging and the deterioration. Reserves of human organism are vast.

Academician of international Academy of energy-information sciences Sarchuk V. N. says: "structure of physical field of human contains in itself atoms and molecules having characteristics of nuclear and atomic fields of torsion, which is the source of torsion fields. Each cell of biological organism generates its own torsion field. When cells connect they create general torsion field which is part of the bio field of the organism. This means that bio field of human contains in itself torsion components which carries in itself information about the whole organism. This further means that energetic field of organism has complex content which includes almost all forms of energy known to physics and contains all information about the structure of biological object."

Human being from the bio resonance point of view

Human being is a multi-binding hierarchic system of control and signals, that are taking place inside are divided into harmonious (physiologically healthy) and disharmonious (pathological).

In order to understand how bio resonance is created, we need only basic education. During explanation of bio resonance effects to students, teacher of physics will surely propose following historic example: "Imagine that many tanks are passing across the bridge at speed together with other heavy machines and the bridge collapses. Sometimes, however, a platoon of soldiers passes across the bridge and the bridge collapses too - resonance occurred" It is this powerful.

Since the 8th grade we know that any cell is surrounded by a membrane on which surface are grouped various protein molecules. If the cell is alive its membrane is charged by electrical charge: internal side of the membrane is charged with negative charge and external by positive charge. If we could bounce to the membrane in this moment, it would start to shiver (or vibrate) and logically it will start to emanate electromagnetic waves because it is electrically charged. To "bounce" is the most comfortable upright electromagnetic impulse which provokes the cell (or virus, microbiological object,...) to respond with electromagnetic signal "I am here". In this moment the only thing that is left is to navigate in this entanglement of electromagnetic noise. Technically, realization of this is not very difficult: computer had already automated this process and offered us its memory in order to store frequency information virtually about all stimulants and diseases that are known to man. This way - through scanning of scale of frequencies and comparing information obtained from the organism with frequencies that are stored in the computer's memory -we can identify specific stimulant or disease. This is the basics of testing whose underlying principle is that magnetic resonance is universal synchronizer of biologic processes in organism.

Based on frequency characteristics, bio resonance testing allows to analyze functional activity of organs and compare it with etalon processes, to execute monitoring of living processes, search for disruptions - if there are any and to define mutual connections in systems and organs. Knowledge of bio resonance etalons of bacteria, viruses, helmits and protozoids allows for effective search.

Use of external resonance factors, that correspond to internal bio resonance factors, is a very important and achievable goal. It enables the use of natural and harmless-to-man bio resonance mechanisms, agents and biologically active fluids in order to prevail over disease.