According to WHO health is a state of full physical, psychological and social satisfaction not just absence of disease and physical defects. Therefore, health is harmony between organism and its surrounding. Organism therefore has to "adapt" to its surrounding and while doing so it changes its internal energetic and metabolic parameters. This process of "adaptation" requires constant depletion of functional reserves of energy and substances. This is the reason why, simultaneously, there are also processes of regeneration. Main role, during processes of depletion and replenishment of energetic - metabolic resources, belongs to regulation mechanisms. Organism and its primary functions systems depends on it in order to adapt to changes in the environment.

It was during discovered, during the era of Hypocrates, that in order to diagnose properly and to treat the human organism effectively, a holistic medical approach is necessary that would be able to impeccably determine and eliminate specific disruption, that is inscribed into complex cause-effect feedback of organs and systems.

In the middle of 20th century, electro-acupuncture diagnostics was developed in Germany that was offering different perspective on this old-known feedback between biologically active points and internal organs of human. It's hard to disagree with the fact, regarding how powerful weapon against all these disruptions it was at that time.

Theoretical explanation of these new methods called BRT (or bio resonance therapy) was introduced in 80's on the basis of fundamental theory - quantum physics. Living organism was considered as a new quantum stage within the organization of matrix, which allowed any disease to be considered as deviation from norm in "electromagnetic framework" of human being, which could be restored through the influence of electromagnetic oscillation of very low intensity on the resonance frequency of patient. As later on shown in practice, BRT method enables the treat up to 95% of diseases, while traditional modern medicine is able to defeat only 30% of diseases where 70% develops into chronic state.

Significance of these results help to encurage Health Department to recommend BRT method, which was successfully applied in 1989. Not only evident healing and diagnostic effectivity but also its additional positives were taken into consideration:

Extensive therapeutic possibilities of BRT are most noticeable during healing of so-called incurable or difficult-to-cure diseases such as Parkinson's disease, sclerosis multiplex, epilepsy, bronchial asthma and so on. Amount and variation of parameters of electromagnetic influence is virtually infinite, therefore BRT impacts on wide spectrum of diseases.

Effectivity of BRT can be well demonstrated one example of curing of ulceric disease. Correction of stomach mucous defects is achieved in 96% of cases and length of cure is reduced 3 - 4 times, while recidivation occurs 5 - 6x less.

Other example would be vitiligo - officially considered as incurable. Only after 2 or 3 sessions of BRT therapy, new pigmentation starts to appear on the skin of patients.

Standard methods of curing insulin diabetes of the first type despise the very cause of creation of this disease where they resort to lifelong injections of insulin - hormone that is produced in organism specifically by Beta cells of pancreas.

Disruption of these cells, resulting in two insulin diabetes of the first type, can be caused by several factors: genetics, external (stress and ecology) and autoimmune. In the latter case antibodies, that organism usually sends out to destroy viruses, do not stop at their former destination but they start to attack healthy cells. Viral infections can also specifically destroy Beta cells. Once the virus gets inside, it will not destroy them but will change them so much, that confused immune system will start to destroy its own Beta cells. Insulin diabetes of type I is very often under influence of following infections: Coxackie virus B, cytomegalovirus, parotitis epidemica, varicella, rubeolla and morbilli virus. This way is obvious significantly provoking role of viruses in development of insulin diabetes.

Curing of insulin diabetes type I using bio resonance therapy is more than suitable in this context, which is supported by impressive practical results. Every living cell (including viruses, microbes, cells of plants, animals and human) generate highly individual waves of millimeter spectrum. Any changes within cells of human organism (for example under the influence of virus) alter frequency characteristics of the cell.

Nevertheless, if we know normal oscillation frequency of cellular membrane, we can - through the use of corresponding millimeter waves - "correct" cells to appropriate frequency regime. Such a complex correction, normalizes immune status as a whole and supports organism to reactivate its own reserves to defend itself against such disruption. As soon as computer detects frequency of viruses, he amplifies the signal and sends it back, through which he blocks life-giving frequency of this harmful infection - in other words - destroys it. At the same time energy signature of healthy cells overextends million times more over energetic signature of pathological cells therefore they're not influenced by this resonance emission.

This means that apart from strengthening immunity, bioresonance therapy is also characterized by significant antiviral effects. Therefore, complex approach in fighting against insulin diabetes type I assuming also executed traditional insulin-replacement therapy together with blocking of cause of disease itself through gentle method of bioresonance therapy, will ensure excellent results of the treatment.