Possible complications during the treatment

During almost any treatment patients often experience temporary deterioration in the patient's health condition. This happens because of the natural treatment process - as the body is struggling with the causes of the disease, it is killing diseased cells, harmful microorganisms and toxins. During this process harmful substances are flushed into the body, which will then tries to exclude these substances.

Because of this it is very important to drink sufficient amount of water throughout the whole treatment - adequate amount of water will support natural detoxing function of the organism and minimize extent of the initial deterioration in the patient's condition. Otherwise deterioration could be worse and take a longer time, which will make treatment more difficult.

Typical symptoms of initial deterioration: Experienced therapist will always try to mitigate these effect with a complex detox program, but it still will be effective only if the patient will drink enought amount of water every day. It is also recommended to eat more fiber during the detox course - it will help to "catch" harmful substances and eliminate them with the stool.

Many patients expect immediate elimination of symptoms after the first few pills simply because it is so typical for traditional medicine treatment. But temporary deterioration is in fact natural reaction of the organism, which tries to overcome the disease, so its absolutely natural. If patient will be treated in a way traditional medicine does, he can end up with inhibited symptoms while illness will be quietly trying to find a way to express itself with another bunch of new symptoms. Organism by that time will be accustomed to the fact that "somebody" else will do all his job (antibiotics for example), so it's functions will become weaker and weaker untill it will collapse.

Holistic approach is very different from conventional medicine - it's primary goal is to beat the whole chain of causes of the disease. In other words, it aims to support organism and help it to "fix" it's natural compensation abilities so the organism can then beat the disease by itself. Remember when you had a flu. One of the common symptom is fever, which in fact is just a reaction as the organism tries to overcome the disease. Yes, it is annoying, but it will help organism to develop it's natural healing abilities and learn how to resist diseases by itself.