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Working place

Bioresonance testing, frequency compensation or any other similar activities must be take place in a separate room. There can not be any X-ray or physiotherapy machines, or ungrounded electrical equipment near the device. The floor chould be made of material which will not product static electricity (rugs can be very incovenient).

Operator's working place should be located at least 150cm from flurescent lights and at least 50cm from bulbs, sockets and devices with metal body. It must also be arranged in such way, that the therapis can sit at ease and conveniently manipulate with bioresonance device if necessary.

Monitor should be placed as far as it could be - but at least 50cm from patient.

Hygiene measures

For his own safety, the operator should follow appropriate hygienic measures depending on the individual condition of the patient.

In addition, the operator should continiously perform proper disinfection and cleaning of the equipment in accordance with the manual. For disinfection it is usually used 3% - 6% solution of hydrogen peroxide. Common cleaning is usually performed by wiping the external parts with a cloth soaked in water. There should be hygienic disposable cover on the headphones too and operator must change them after every patient.


The operator should wear appropriate clothing - it is recommended to wear clothes primarily made of cotton, but operator can use any other outfit which do not product static electricity.


Before testing it is necessary to check if patient took off all jewelry, watches or glasses. As well as for the operator, it is recommended for patient to use clothing which will not generate static electricity.

Because some parts of equipment are in touch with the patient's palm during bioresonance testing, we recommend to check the patient's hand before the examination - hands must be clean, dry and free of wounds or dermatological disease, the patient must be able to have his hand freely laid down on a flat surface. It you have that possibility in your office, it will be better if patient wash his hands with a soap prior to the examination.

Contraindiations are: skin damage, individual sensitivity to the electric current, electro-stimulator or epilepsy.

How does the examination looks like?

The whole process can be divided into three stages:
  1. Anamnesis (patient + operator)
  2. Diagnostics (patient + operator)
  3. Analýza (pouze operátor)

First stage:

Second stage

Third stage

All about examination