Do you care about your health?

Do you need to be healthy?
If so then why?
Are you afraid of suffering, pain or death?
Or perhaps you are considerate enough that you want to be work-able with minimum expenditures?
Maybe you only want to live your hundred years and enjoy your grandchildren and great-grandchildren?

It doesn't matter how you answer these questions, after all , you're answering to yourself not to me. Ultimately, it is you who needs to be healthy and the one responsible for it is you.

Each one of you surely heard many times or read many times about various advices about how to be healthy, but most of you ignore them. You hope when something starts to hurt, you will go to good old doctor and he'll give you this liberating pill. And if the good doctor is not available then, after all, there will always be some wizard who will wave his hand and you can leave in peace, without looking after your own organism.

Physical body is only 1/7 of your organism, and the fact that your physical body during any disease is in need, means, that most of your other levels are in need too. Based on this it is possible to make conclusion, that you not only disregard your body, but you also absolutely don't care what is happening with it and your "self" is irrelevant to you as well.

So why do you want help?

A bit rude introduction to an article, one might say.

And yet everyone of us can stay healthy, live long, and at the same time can get rid of diseases without help of surgeons and antibiotics. But you have to want, really want.

So my question is... "Why do you want to be healthy?"

I asked this question, because I want to find out, if you want to feel better only so that you can straightaway return back to your previous rhythm of life - that means you just want to smoothen symptoms of damage which will bring you down again at the closest opportunity. In this case you don't want to find out the deep cause of your disease, you only need "cure against pain". If this is the case, then go to pharmacy and buy yourself pills. You only need doctor to prescribe medication.

If you want to forget about your diseases, first of all you have to get rid of causes and after recovery not returned to them.

You don't have to be wizard or magician in order to master basic principles of how to be healthy.

Here they are, remember them or you can write them down somewhere:
- correct, specifically for you balanced diet
- regular movement and exercise, which you will enjoy
- positive feelings and emotions
- relax and fun
- necessary constant cleansing of your body (from inside and outside as well)

And here they are - miraculous rules..

If you will follow them, you would be able to exclude from your vocabulary words such as doctor, tablets, pharmacy. These simple rules have became magical for many people, who truly wanted to be healthy. But you must not exclude any of these rules. They only work correctly together.

I will try to describe now in detail what I had in mind.

Edgar Keys (I recommend you find out more about him) never advised any magical phrases in order to recover his patients, yet he has for you one magical advice - CARE.

Fundamentals of healthy life according to Keys, can described using these words:

Shortcut of beginning letters of these words adds up word CARE. These four components, circulation, assimilation, relaxation and elimination are able to ensure good physical and psychological state and longevity.

Without normal circulation, no life functions can take place accordingly and the regeneration ability is being lost. Natural resources of organism are maintained only for regeneration.

Assimilation - second term. It means the ability of organism to digest food. One of the aspects of a assimilation is to follow or maintain a dietary plan, which according to Keys, should be following: 20% acidic type products and 80% alkaline type products. You also shouldn't forget to drink 8 cups of water a day. Assimilation is also, into certain extent, dependent on how the food is prepared and how individual products are combined together. For example citrus fruit and oat flakes are healthy, but it's not a good idea to use them together because it can interrupt digestion.

Third term is relaxation. Here belongs regular sleep, rest and doing nothing, but also physical activity. There has to be a balance restored within organism between spiritual, mental and physical sphere. The one, who does not pay any attention to active relaxation in his life, does not care about that his mood be adequate to individual spheres, only lies to himself and the moment will come when he will pay for it. Good elimination is vital for our organism in order to get rid of toxins, to cleanse internal organs and to function normally. Long before people started to make fun from topic of regular natural food , Edgar Keys advised to his patients to keep an eye on the fact, that digested products leave the stomach daily. This is why they should also maintain a certain diet, walk a lot, take aromatic baths, breathe properly and drinking water in large quantities.

All above-mentioned is yet YESther proof of my claims. Main proofs however, is health and longevity of those who follow these simple rules. I have to note that Keys was curing serious diseases and sometimes even rescued before death using his simple rules.

As a conclusion, I would like to mention one more, no less important, thing. When we take into consideration importance and necessity of prevention, we hold on to thought of complex approach to disease. Some sources call this holistic approach to patient, others then talk about wholeness of organism. There also exists method called "geschtalt-therapy" focused on holistic and complex approach to human being. We too are supporters of all this.

Furthermore, our theory of seven- stage organism takes into consideration complex approach not only towards health but also towards disease.

Into consideration is also taken complex study of entire history of human life and not only a study of disease itself. We are focusing on whole being with its conscience and not only on something that consists of symptoms or disease.

Since we are mentioning question of conscience, it is necessary to mention that emotions and worries play a significant role in our health and how we feel. Good mood, optimism, joy and humor are beneficial to our body while on the other hand, negative emotions (such as stress, anxiety, anger) can create all by themselves various diseases of not only physical organs.
Your approach to your health, equally as towards your disease, can save you not only from medications but also from surgeries.

Interview with Dr. Lukes

Peter Lukes does not watch television, he doesn't know how to turn on computer and he reads at night.

Boskovice (Jim) - a favorite pediatrician, specialist in Chinese medicine Peter Lukes went into retirement. At the beginning of March he reconstructed his pediatric practice and started his retirement by going to sky in Alps. Yet, he has more work than he can manage. His lifelong hobby - Chinese medicine - is these days growing on significance. Number of people is avoiding allopathic (classical) medicine, they don't want to take pills, which are healing one problem in the body but at the same time causing YESther one. So they search for alternative methods. Dr. Lukes wouldn't have to sleep at all. There are so many people with problems where allopathic medicine can't help.

How do you feel as freshly retired?
Well, I definitely don't have more time. On the contrary. I have many things lined up - things that I want to focus on. Of course, there is quite a pressure upon me - various questions and so on - this is increasing more and more.

Will you ever stop working?
I hope so. In zodiac sign I am Taurus which means the lazy sign. I like to eat a lot and then go to lay down. You can write it down about me. People know that I was cold foulmouth. Kids from the district went happily to see foulmouth.

What is your daily regime?
I'm used to sleep a little - about five hours a day. Usually I'm up and I read at 3 AM. I don't take any pills to fall asleep again because I don't see any meaning in that. So I read. I read everything that I get my hands on. This way I read almost all Bibles that are on this planet. So I can compare fairly well.

What this has given to you?
I know, for example, what is the difference between monotheistic a polytheistic religion. Monotheists are aggressive, waging war and so on. While, on the other hand, you have thousands of Gods, where one of them is for example cow, no one will fight because of that.

And after that?
I read until five then I nap for a moment so that my tired little eyes have rest. At about 5:30 AM I wake up and start to cook my meal so that I don't have to eat what agricultural industry prepared for me. I only buy basic grocery - milk, fat, butter, potatoes, bread, rolls, pasta. I don't eat what has been messed too much by foreign hand. Then phone call starts. I have about 60 - 100 phone calls a day. When you count it, you can make quick calculation of how much time a day I spent chatting. Well, and in between I enjoy my hobby - I heal using acupuncture.

Then in the evening at around 8 PM I take a bath and I go to sleep. And how about TV news, newspapers?
I haven't turned on TV since 2006.

What about computer?
I don't even know how to turn it on. It's pretty much the same story with cell phone. It takes me about 10 min. to write a text. You can write down, with peace of mind, the I am technical idiot.

Do you also make healing preparations?
No I don't. I only adjust natural products so that they can be eaten. I bought mumio in 1988 and I have it in the freezer since. It is filtered guYES (droppings) of mountain marmots that are feeding on healing herbs. They go to excrete on one spot. GuYES soaks through the soil and bulks up with other substances. It is at least 5000 years old. Angelica (note. main protagonist of a romantic movie) had to socialize with some sheikh in order to obtain mumio for French King. I made transition out of it - transition between allopathic and homeopathic medicine.
Then I will tell the patient - do not dilute or leave it alone. You wouldn't believe it, but it works. Then I also make something called Vstal from beebread. It is immensely energetically charged and I add to it leached ginseng. .

Who thought to this?
I only observed what was already tested for a very long time. From herbs I use Hawthorn to lower the blood pressure. I collect it around water reservoirs, where there is no chemical spraying. Then I also use walnut - I make tincture out of unseasoned walnuts that can eliminate up to 40% of parasites.

It probably takes a lot of time. How about some cultural activities?
Yes, I have time for that too. I have friends - sometimes I get into the theater with help of Peter Pospíchal, Honza Kanýza also somewhere. But I don't overdo it because I don't have time for it.

How about vacation?
After I have refreshed my knowledge of parasitology, I don't travel much anymore. After vacation in some foreign country I always felt that I would need additional 14 days to recover. But don't take me as an example. It is true that I feel much better when I'm 62 years old then when I was 24 years old - when I used to eat smoked meat products and processed cheese. It opened my eyes, it wasn't written in any book, so I had to study a lot to get to some conclusions. Biology, biochemistry, physiology - unfortunately I found out that this is not part of further education of doctors.

Your son has overtaken your pediatric practice in Kunstát. Is he overtaking also your alternative methods?
Well, I try to hand it over to him. He said, that he won't be making acupuncture - because he would be the same slave as I am. But he's starting to soften, so I hope that he realizes now. Surely it will be easier for him because I can "precook the meal for him" so to speak. All what I have been studying for 33 years he will get on a silver platter in two years. He won't be able to do it, but he will know all what I have been studying so long.

Chinese medicine, right?
Acupuncture, their way or logic of thinking, taoism and everything that comes with it.

That was in the times of totalite regime?
We rewrote it unoficially..

Keep talking.
This was brought to us by doctors during Korean War in 1953. In hospital in Zabrez I met Dr. Beran, who was the head doctor in the spa (Jesenik). As a retired he was on duty with me at the emergency room. Me as doctor for children while he as doctor for adults. One day daughters brought over an elderly lady with cough. As she was undressing, Dr. Beran asked her - what's wrong with your hand? For 11 years my shoulder doesn't work anymore - it's frozen. So he tells me - you examine lungs while I fix the shoulder. This elderly lady started to laugh and says - Dr., I've been through so many with this and nobody could fix it. Meanwhile he took a sterile needle, pinched her into ear and she started to scream. Beran tells her stop yelling and raise your hands. Her hands went up and suddenly she screams - miracle! I told myself at that moment - this is going to be my method.

So you had a good teacher.
He passed to me a lot of his literature, I have very good memories of him. I was transcribing that - and there were more of us - so at the end we where transcribing it from each other. At the end he was even able to learn their "tea" handwriting and he was able to translate from it.

And where did he learn the acupuncture?
While he was in Korea. Dr. Ruzicka from Prostejov (author of scientific literature) was there as well at that time. Then also excellent Dr. Kajdos, who wrote a book "By metal and fire". After that all started - meetings, seminars and international congresses - finally it was even possible to graduate. But in reality, you had to constantly study.

So you are actually a pioneer of acupuncture and Chinese medicine here
In year 1976 in was genuinely rare. But at the end approximately 800 people passed examination and received a degree.

What about Chinese exercise?
Well, I wasn't really touched by it as I am sign of Taurus. I used to be very much into tennis and skiing.

What kind of diseases are mostly spread today among the population?
Candida fungi - they decreasing our community. And then parasites. We don't know much about parasites - we more like suspect. World health organization says that population of children is at about 80% infected by pinworm. Medications only destroy adult individuals and not incubation stages. People may have at home pets such as cats, dogs and other animals but they should be regularly given anti-parasites medications. This does not only apply to pets but also to people. There is a wide spectrum of candida fungi and no one can find them. The most commonly spread fungi is - white flour candida.

How are medical professionals dealing with this fact?
Well, it's hard to diagnose. Doctor should be interested in that and therefore, he should know it. It is kind of boring and repulsive - doctor should question the patient more. But it's much easier to type into the computer then to question the patient. Doctors have forgotten this! Unfortunately, many of the oncological diseases are not oncological diseases. Parasites and fungi can imitate oncological finding. Oncologist then will set up the patient on chemotherapy, or radiotherapy and that person starts to deteriorate and at the end it is the parasite that kills him - not cancer.

What should do people, that have bad experience with doctors or don't trust them?
This is the top of the iceberg and it's not that common. One should recall - when and where he was staying. Especially when doctors tell him - this is strange, you don't have oncomarkers. These days, devices are being developed, that can detect frequency of various parasites. It's a device that is based on vegetative resonance test which can find out how many vibration gives out flat worm or pin worm or tape worm and so on.

But doctors don't do this.
Usually it is done by the ones that are focused on alternative - mainly engineers. This is their domain. Doctors, however, still don't believe it.

What types of parasites people usually bring from vacation ?
Free sequel of interview with unconventional retiree MUDr. Peter Lukes. Why unconventional? Because conventions complicate our life - and especially to little children. During the puberty and also later on teenagers are revolting against them. Let me explain: mother walked down the stairs together with her three years old child. I was walking toward them. Mother without even greeting or looking at me, set to the little child "nicely say hello to Mr. doctor" The little child looked at me, made the step into thin air, and fell from the stairs. Immediately I had a work to do. Parents should be an example not to be the ones to give out commands. Child follows or imitates her mother. For example: her mother shaves her legs, a child will take shaving machine and will want to do the same. Her mother, for example, cooks - child wants to do the same.
Conventions are for snobs, which wants to direct and command us - how to behave or how to speak properly. My father used to have a joke about this: two guys from Prague are having a chat, and one asks the other - hey, man who are these snob people anyway? Well, those are people who say "No" instead of "Bullshit"
Life is like a coin. It has two sides - Virgin - snobbish and noble one or Eagle - the vulgar one ( note - in Czech language two sides of coins are referred to as Virgin and Eagle). So, when somebody wakes up in the morning and flips the coin - what do you think he will get - Virgin or Eagle?
I would like to propose and underline that I do not develop theories, I speak out experiences - empiria - mostly my own. Difference between theory and experience is in time. Theory is temporary - before YESther smarty-pants appears and will disprove the former one by logically-sounding arguments. Experience is permanent and I like to call it "smashed mouth". It's simple. When you pass on "smashed mouth", especially to your descendents, they don't believe it much and they tell themselves - what if dad talks crap, I have to try it for myself.
So, I don't enforce anything, I only share my experience. "I had smallest percentage of diseased people on the whole Moravia, which I have confirmed from general health insurance company and Department of internal affairs insurance company. I had smallest number of chronically diseased patients and smallest number of antibiotic-intake related diseases and so on" says Petr Lukes.

Child Lungs inflammation and antibiotics
Child has lungs inflammation and is supposed to take antibiotics. No coughing during day. In the evening, however, goes to bed and can't stop coughing. The parent, somehow, doesn't think or doesn't notice that during the day - child is running around and there is no problem - but when the night comes, and it's bedtime child starts to cough intensively. Antibiotics have no effect. Furthermore, examination finds out that child does not have inflammatory markers. That means elevated leukocytes, sedimentation without increase, CRP - which increases already after few hours that you have been infected by some virus or bacteria. No one thinks about parasites, though. Then, when I issue medication or preparation against pin worm or flat worm, parents are amazed how come the child is getting medication against parasites. These little worms lay in their lungs three weeks and those children are worn down from that - they cough all night, their mothers are upset and so are fathers, the same goes with teachers because children have congested respiratory passages. When we make an x-ray scan we can see there a shading, which basically points to pneumoponia. You have to put two and two together and say for yourself - this is third time in a row, always three weeks with 14 days break or even longer before it starts again. For parasites, it's typical that they will lay their eggs week before full and week after full moon. Maybe you won't believe it, but I had for example in one week five already registered children and 15 new ones, with whom came along their parents asking me for advice - could you please increase their unity and so on. Of course, I was helping myself with laser, designated them acupuncture points, which have influenced on increasing immunity.

So, you have been using also Chinese medicine
Yes, but laser one, which is painless. Those children loved to come to see me, because it doesn't hurt, they came to see the little light and they even got recommended Coca-Cola and ice cream and sweet ice balls as a bonus.

Why sweet ice balls and even every hour?
Mothers were astonished. So I told them - look, in microbiology they always thought us that 90% of the most pathogenic microbes such as Streptococcus and Penumococcus are multiplying between 45 and 90 min. - and if you give them something icy after 60 min., they cannot multiply anymore. Why ice balls? If we don't want something to be eaten by microbes, we put it into the fridge. But we cannot put there our children so every 60 min. we have to give them something cold into their mouth. Mothers are then staring at me but when they tried, they find out that it works. Why this isn't done by doctors for children?

We don't know much about parasites
We don't know much about them, we moreless suspect. WHO states that population of children is from 80% infected by pin worm - who stay there always. You can eradicate them with medication, but this only eliminates adult individuals. This will not eliminate incubation stages such as eggs, larvae - and they make quite a mess in us - together with fungi they decrease immunity. This is the explanation of all those coughs and so on. This is also the reason why, occasionally, these anti-parasite medication should be administered. There is, however, not only human flat worm or pin worm, there is also dog and cat flat worm and pin worm. They will never grow into adult individual in human, but they will only reach stage of larvae, so children can bear these larvae even for about a year. They just quietly stay there and, if the conditions are favorable , they start to move and make mess - this is the point where children start to cough or have problems with peeing - this is because larvae sediment usually in the urinary tract. Or, for instance, when children pee themselves - this is caused by blood fluke. Then they can infect liver, lungs and unfortunately also brain. Through lymphatic system they can get into rhinopharynx, middle ear and into brain tissue. There are also parasitic inflammations of cranial glands and no one seem so know as what is the cause of this. YESther thing are also polypi in cavities that can be also observed in the population of children. Nobody thinks, though, about having at home cats or dogs. Let them have that, but they should be regularly given anti-parasite cures - this not only aplies to pets but also to humans.

How does medical community deal with this?
Well, it's hard to diagnose. Physician should be interested in this, he should know about this. He should be questioning the patient in more detail rather than just typing into the computer. But doctors have forgotten this.
Above all, physicians nowadays only relies upon laboratory. What he gets from the laboratory is sanctified, what he won't get from laboratory - he'll just shrug his shoulders and says - I don't know. Unfortunately, a lot of oncological diseases are not oncological diseases at all. Fungi called aspergilus can imitate oncologycal fining. This type of parasite concentrates around maternal marks under which hi is hiding. If somebody touches it - it will spread. Or for example Echinococcus granulosus known as Hyper Tape-worm is a real delight - he pretends to be a tumor in stomach while it is not tumor at all. Oncomarkers will be negative, while you have cancer in your stomach like hell. Oncologists start to administer chemotherapy, radiotherapy and that person starts to deteriorate more and more until he is killed by the parasite, not by the cancer.
There are increasing numbers of parasites, thanks to the fact that borders have been opened. There are even types of parasites that haven't been here before. For example from Egypt, there is tyfus. This is transmitted through fleas. Often times you cannot breathe there while it is literally crowded by fleas. Little being comes to see me and on his skin has symptoms of something that resembles camp-fever. So I ask - it looks to me like camp fever from pyramids. And the parent says - yeah, we've been there about a year ago.

Is it possible that traveling, despite of all the regulations - regarding service and hygiene in hotels, still represents a risk?
For example, many parasites originates from Turkey. Specially those, that we have never seen here before. Flukes from pork meat, go directly to pancreas. If they infect secretoric part thisdevelopes into diabetes. If they infect extretoric part - this developes into inflammation. When it goes like this for a very long time it can turn into pancreatic cancer. Nobody takes into consideration parasitology here.

That is quite a new fashion in alternative medicine these days.
Since it is so hard to detect, everybody tries to rather avoid it. Before parasite can multiply sufficiently, sometimes it takes up to one year, or even longer. Parasites are quite smart creatures that, don't want to upset their host. They live with him in symbiosis up to the point when they multiply into such numbers when they will spread across the entire body - and then it problems start. Suddenly everybody's amazed that - where all of those diseases are coming from that are troubeling doctors. And this is the case when they forgot about field of parasitology.
If you know stages of parasitic diseases and you pay attention to what patient has to say - and you ask him have you been there or there - suddenly it comes to you that he could get infected by blood fluke, flukes and pork worm that are becoming widespread here from pork meat that is being imported here for very cheap money. Countries of origin don't make any tests. People are infected by pork worms a lot. They say - my shoulder hurts, or my muscle hurts and they are amazed why so suddenly. When you start to ask them, suddenly you can put together all the information. Pork worm usually enters the body through a body part that has been injured somehow - for example you fall and suddenly a pork worm is there. He's happy to find a place where he can live now. And then, later on, when you injure the same place again the pork worm will rupture - and if he has eggs at the time - it's a disaster. They will spread across the entire body.

Maybe this is the reason why people don't believe doctors. What are they supposed to do then? What I am talking about, is just the tip of the iceberg and it's not that common. One has to remember where he was. Especially if doctors tell him - this is strange, you don't have any oncomarkers. These days, devices are being developed, that can detect frequency of various parasites. It's a device based on vegetative resonance test which can find out how many vibration gives out flat worm or pin worm or tape worm and so on.

It would be probably the best if everyone would be a doctor for himself.
We still need medicine. For example, surgery is important, we wouldn't go far without it. The only problem is that, so many things are used, that shouldn't be used - such as corticoids, cytostatics to cure unexplained rheumatism and so on. Then it has catastrophic consequences.

I still search an device for people. They go to see doctors but they are confused from them. What should they do?
People doing alternative medicine have these bio resonance devices, that can detect fungi, parasites and then all can be healed again using bio resonance.

Sugar is blessing for us, says Petr Lukes

What are the most common and widespread diseases, that can be avoided? Among the population is very much widespread various types of fungi (candida), that are decreasing our vitality and especially immunity. Most common is flour fungi - Candida albicans. This fungi appear already after 3 to 12 hours on the pastry that has been stored in plastic. These fungi causes soor on the mouth mucous, especially in children and in women on the genitals. Situation is further agravated by other fungi - especially on peanuts - that produce the worst poisons - alpha toxins. Fungi are also supported by antibiotics that are regularly consumed over a prolonged period of time. Fungi are malicious because they don't cause fever, the only make us feel weak and weird and we are more prone to get regular infections much easily.

Because they bind on receptors of T-lymphocytes, which are our cellular killers and are the first line of defense. Consequently, T-lymphocytes lose their important function of macrophags and then viruses and bacteria have free entrance to the body. We are then amazed how often we get ill. If I explain this to the patients, and they follow certain principles, then they come in half a year telling - you know, you are right. Now I feel much better and I have more energy.

Let's drink cola, there is sugar in it!
When I say that Coca-Cola is the healthiest drink in our country, then about 90% of people who are fooled by bribed doctors, will hold their head and think something about my sanity. When I want to correspond or discuss about Coca-Cola, I have to have my claims supported by facts which cannot be set about many readers. I drink 2 liters of cola a day. I don't assume that doctors would be foolish when they studied medicine, and so I assume they would remember that for example phosphorous acid is for us the most important acid on this planet. It holds together genetic code of DNA because it's only one capable of create esteric bridges, that hold DNA double helix from falling apart. If we didn't have this acid, we would have various monsters running around. Coca-Cola, which is conserved by phosphorous acid, is not harmful for us. Contrary is true. YESther function of phosphorous acid is its ability to create macroenergetic bonds in ATP together with glucose, fructose and pyruvic acid. When one molecule of these acids is detached, it releases 12 kcal of energy, which is immediately processed for other functions and reactions in cells (memory refreshment for doctors). There are also disrespectful claims that it can be very well used for cleaning toilet and it helps in loosening rusted bolts. I tried it, and it is not true. If you want to clean teakettle I suggest to use vinegar or citric acid, and nobody apart from me tells you that it's bad for your body. Phosphorus acid and phosphates were used, before pharmaceutical industry wasn't so hungry, in soaps and detergents. These days phosphates are slowly being removed and replaced by bio enzymes in the detergents, cleaning agents and soaps. These bio enzymes are hazardous for people, because they behave as irritator or allergen for mucous of respiratory system. So if you are buying detergent, where on the top of the box is a written in the large letters - Phosphate free - it's highly probable that you will induce allergy.

How we used to obtain phosporic acid in the past?
Well, it used to be from the food. When you eat meat - it was from meat itself, but also from cells of other food because they contain DNA. I drink Coca-Cola since 1963 when I got it as a gift when I was admitted to a local gymnasium. I know it's the healthiest drink in our country, because it contains apart from phosphoric acid also digestive ferments that are similar to wobenzyme.

And we pay great deal of money, when we need it
Coca-Cola was invented in 1885 by pharmacist John S. Pemberton from Atlanta, Georgia and during the process of manufacturing he also used, apart from other things, extract from coca and cola nuts. This drink is to be sold in neighboring pharmacies as a "tonicum stimulating brain". The one who had digestive problems, such as nausea or apepsy, was to drink chilled and slightly diluted cola to restore well-being. Unfortunately, despite the fact that people have already tried this, no one got lit up. Probably they told themselves, if you put some crap on inflammation of the digestive system, that will heal it. YESther thing, that doctors should refresh their memory about, is that our bones consists of 85% from tricalcium phosphate. This represents an immense storehouse of calcium and phosphoric acid. So, if somebody claims that Coca-Cola diminishes calcium, this process isn't that simple, since our bone is created and dismantled by two types of cells. One of them are called osteoblasts - which are building the bone using alcalic phosphatasis. Then we have osteoclasts, which are dismantling the bone and this reaction is catalyzed by citric acid.

But this is pretty much in all grocery.
Yes, thanks to citric acid, which is added pretty much into everything, we have so many osteoporosis and many people are being treated by calcium, magnesium and women are treated by hormones.

And what about the sugar?
I don't understand, why it's so much condemned when in physiology, in second grade on the medical school, it is a written that with single heartbeat our heart can pump 1.2 dcl of blood, in 1 min. it is a bucket of blood, in one day it is 10,000 L of blood. And 80 years old man pumps up through his heart 350,000,000 L which is entire dam Kretinka before it would start pour over. Everybody should realize what is the fuel for this heart. You think that cereals, yogurts or macrobiotic grocery, such as sprouted grain and so on, will do the job? No - it uses sugar as fuel. Specifically grape sugar = glucose, which is also part of sacharose together with fruit sugar = fructose. YESther organ that runs on sugar is liver. Without glucose and glucuronic acid we wouldn't be able to digest and eradicate many toxins which we intake in everyday food. Grape sugar goes into our muscles so when sportsman wishes to perform well he needs to intake enough sugars. But the most important organ that runs on sugar is our brain. And again - grape sugar. Of course, there will be doctors, that will claim that sugar is poison. My father, who was also physician, used to say to my mother "Sweet up a bit more for Peter, nature didn't endowed him with particularly bright intellect - make sure that he remembers everything." I think, I am who I am thanks to my father and probably also because of that I managed to complete second college. Then again fructose, which is second molecule sacharose, is important as a great source of energy and especially for gentlemen - it is the engine of tails of sperms. Why is then everybody amazed that movement ability of sperms is so low and many men can't fertilize their partners. YESther false claim is that excessive intake of sugar can cause diabetes. During glucose tolerance test pancreas is able to process 700 g of sugar in two hours after which our glycemic index falls back to normal. The same principles, that apply to any other muscle in the body, also apply to pancreas. If you want to have worked out muscles and heart you need to exercise. You know very well, that when somebody breaks his leg and has cast for three weeks - atrophy of muscle from inactivity takes place. So in my body the most worked out muscle is pancreas because since morning it gets five cubes of sugar into coffee afterwards many glasses of Coca-Cola and my Beta cells of Langerhanz cells are probably telling for themselves, that he could finally leave us alone so that you can go into atrophy too. I would like to conclude my talk using citation of Julius Fucik: "People, I love you, sweeten up!" (May you lighten up and find out who is it truly beneficial for)

Low-fat grocery, quarks and yogurts!
That is the worst crap that can be. That fat is chemically removed. No one, from those who lived very long and with whom I talked, would ever buy low-fat yogurt or quark. They don't need any margarines - they eat butter. No cow will poison its calf - she will rather die, but people will eradicate each other like rats for few coins...
Yogurts are not what they used to be. Today they are produced lasts the longest. When I was young, you would eat two yogurts and you couldn't eat anymore, because your digestion system was inhabited by millions of microbes that you need - lactobacilus, that had reproductive abilities. After that, you didn't have to eat yogurt anymore, because your body knew that it has enough. For example twice a month was enough. But for example lactobacilus that is these days in Actimel is engineered in a very clever way - it still carries enzymatic abilities but through deep refrigeration it lost its reproductive ability. So, it does what it is meant to do but you have to replenish it daily. It's very cleverly done.

Do you really think that's the intention?
I leave that up to you.

That medication won't disappear, pharmaceutical companies are making money from it
They say, that cholesterol is bad, but the contrary is true. Everyone should know, that cholesterol is basic building block of our most important carnal hormones (masculine and feminine) produced by the adrenal gland cortex - corticosteroids against inflammation and hormones maintaining our mineral metabolism - aldosterons. Furthermore, it is basic building block of cellular membranes and together with phospholipids and proteins they create wholeness of cell. National Department for Drug Control issued an article in Medical newspapers stating that medications for suppressing cholesterol are decreasing memory functions, sexual functions, they cause depressions, decreased ability to move, inducing sleep disorders and pneumopathy.
Internist should ask - are you sleeping well? You won't anymore. Do you have a good memory? You won't remember a thing. The only thing that you will be happy about, is that your cholesterol levels are low. If you are in a good mood - you'll suffer from depressions. If you are able to run on the third floor with no problems - now you will gasply crawl there, because you will have interstitial pneumonia. The only thing that is unaffected, is your ability to urinate properly. This was written by National Department for Drug Control! That drug disappeared long time ago but - since pharmaceutical company is making a great deal of money from it - it is continually on sale. People only need to get to know it's negative side effects.

Doesn't it seems to you that there is some need to keep us less able? Through this means, a silent genocide of white population is underway. The only wise species that won't let anybody interfere are Chinese and Russians. I didn't like them very much before but now I admire them because they declassified so many things - including parasitology - that would make your eyes go on top of your head. All of that is now declassified - things that were part of a cosmic research.

Aside from the information that you just mentioned, you should offer information relevant so that people won't say - he's completely crazy.
I have sent my ego to hell a long time ago - so I don't really care if somebody thinks about me if I'm crazy or not. The one who is egotistical wouldn't let this out. Those, who are wise, will consider this - and then will tell themselves - probably it's not that bad, I'll try it out. On the other hand, somebody who tried it, will say - his methods were horrible - and he won't come anymore.

Over burnt oils are causing high blood pressure, says Peter Lukes.

What is man suppose to eat

It said, that men should only eat what he grows at home.
Yes, in temperate climate. Some people are proud that they're stuffing themselves with large amounts of tangerines, oranges and so on. I personally don't feel well after eating that. Southern fruit is collected not entirely ripe, so it contains substantially more acids then desirable. Our body than has to use something to neutralize them, so they don't represent danger for the organism. For this purpose body uses calcium and magnesium. So, if women, after menopause, are eating this, they get diagnosed with osteoporosis. Suddenly they have to consume medications in order to maintain female hormonal activity and proper calcination of bones - female hormones and calcium preparations, which are relatively expensive. And so we have closed loop. Men don't have these problems, because instead of eating citrus fruit and juice, they drink beer.

Over burnt oils are causing high blood pressure.
Ligaments are destroyed by over burnt oils. These are things, that you won't find in books. Oil gets over burnt at the temperature of 125°C, while fat (animal fat) over burns at temperature of 180°C. If we could only return back to the era of our ancestors - especially those who lived a long life - we would find out why that was. They were preparing their food on fat. Oils, that are meant to be used in cold state, are expensive and they are not indented for frying. But they put on the label that you can fry on them.
I made an extra effort and went to birth register and searched for the oldest inhabitants here in Boskovicku - Kunstátě, Olesnici, Letovice, Boskovice. I paid visits to elderly gentlemen and I asked them how did they do it - they are so vital and what are they cooking. Now, when I am a retiree, and went to see a 95 years old man he tells me: "Well, young fella, when I was your age we didn't have this at all. When we go into the store and see all these colorful shelves, we speed up the pace because we know that it's full of crap". These old guys managed to prove, in spite of all the junk in mass media, that their life experience support the righteousness of their regime. I made an effort and wrote down everything that one shouldn't eat according to these old gentlemen. I will provide this list which I recommend as Lukes's 10 Commandments.

These old people fry only on fat?
I have a story from Kunstát. After the velvet Revolution we, as doctors, started to examine children in offices and not in the schools anymore. I tested, from the whole school, 45 children that had elevated blood pressure. There was one child that had blood pressure of 180/120. I send him to a hospital and in 14 days they send him back stating, that blood pressure is stabilized and was diagnosed with juvenile hypertension. In three months he appeared in my office again so I measured the blood pressure and again - there was 180/120. So I sent him again to the hospital. Three Sundays later he's back and with the same diagnosis confirmed. I appeared, just by coincidence, during the lunch break in the school - out of those 45 children I met at least half of them walking around with bag of salted peanuts or chips. I told them - don't eat that, your elevated blood pressure comes from that! They were before puberty or already in the puberty and so they told me - it's not your problem! I invited over their parents and I started to tell them this. There was the mother of the one, who's blood pressure, was the highest - she didn't have time for her son - but she was very successful businesswoman. So I recommended to her that she should put her business aside because she will have no heir. She told me to give him some pills and not to care about what he eats. Usually, a 57 years old guy would have such blood pressure. Her son was 13,5 years old. Heart won't endure something like this longer than five or seven years - even if he was a sportsman - maximum 10 years. But he's young, so let's give him twice that much - let's give him 15 years. This happened in 1993. This boy is now 28 years old, he is now in disability pension and weights 130 kg - he used to go to what children how they are skating and sporting, he moves around like a small giant, and I am afraid that my prognosis will probably fulfill.
If somebody tells me that oil is healthy and that repetitively over burnt oil is not dangerous, I have to oppose this. I used to love chips and salty peanuts too, when I saw them I salivated like Pavlov's dog. And so my blood pressure slowly started to increase. Since 1993 I had nothing in my mouth that would be prepared on over burnt oil. So far, it pays out. Fried food simply elevates blood pressure. If you eat 100000 bags of chips or salted peanuts on 100 times over burnt oil is the same as if you ate small pill of potassium cyanide. Over burnt fat depletes bile and bile acids that are carriers of sulfuric bridges into our ligaments so that they can be flexible. That's why after fried meals we have joint aches and aches of ligaments, muscles that are being even more devastated by quick salts.

Salt, as such, is healthy
Within our cells exists something called sodium - potassium pump, where potassium carries out the garbage out of the cell and then is replaced by sodium. Afterwards, they exchange. All biochemists should refresh their memory. Salt can be harmful if you already have damaged kidneys. This retains water and causes elevated blood pressure. On the other hand, when we are healthy it supports faster cleansing of the organism.

What about quick salts?
These are added not only to smoked meat but also to processed cheese. It goes like this - the more the cheese is easier to spread the more quick salts it contains. Quick salt is basically potassium nitrite and sodium nitrate mixed in ratio 2:5. Potassium nitrite dissolves sulfuric bridges in elastine, which is the basis of vascular wall. That is why spasms, hemorrhoids, bleeding gums during brushing the teeth appears. Sodium nitrate dissolves sulfuric bridges in our colagen ligaments, that are basis of our joint cartilages, tendons and invertebral discs.
That's the reason why there are so many tennis elbows, sore shoulders, dislocated invertebral discs and other dysfunctions of musculoskeletal system.
Quick salts where introduced here in 1968. Since then orthopedics was is bloom -joint replacements of knee joints and pelvic joints - and it becomes Queen of medicine. In public catering facilities, as well as in school canteens, oil is used to prepare food. This puts final nail in the coffin of destruction of our musculoskeletal system.
I used to love this meal a lot. I used to receive it as a gift. Within only 11 months I managed to rupture my Achilles tendon. Then I was thinking why that happened. I also had 21 times dislocated intervertebral discs. When they brought me over to Brno for surgery and told me that every second surgery of this type ends up by paralysis on wheelchair, I woke up. For 17 days I was on fast, I drank 6 L of water a day and I managed to put myself together. I remembered that my patients, that come to see me, eat the same food. With one difference - amount which I ate in 1 month, they ate the throughout 1 year. Consequence was that I nearly got paralyzed because of that. The biggest mistake of our healthcare is its atomization. These days nobody really practices holistic medicine. When we moved to Boskovice after war, there were 20 doctors for entire county - this included dentist. District doctors where revered as Giants for their ability to handle 50,000 inhabitants. Doctors such as Mares, Výbora, Kocma, Zeman, Treu and so on who could do everything including diagnostics - very precise one - was mainly based on anamnesys (interview with the patient). These days, there is tendency to rely heavily on laboratory and other devices and it is very rare, that number of specialist gather over the patient at the same time. These days, there are over 200 doctors excluding dentist - and it doesn't look like there are just laying around doing nothing. Something is wrong and since people are not sweetening up enough they won't find out.

Lukes's 10 Commandments of foods to avoid

This was compiled based on experiences of citizens of Boskovice, that are older than 85 years and are self-sufficient, do not follow advertisement, don't read "scientific" magazines and press of AHA, BLESK, SPY type.
1. Do not eat foreign fruit such as kiwi, tangerines, oranges and so on (only in limited quantities). They are imported unripe, they ripen without sunlight therefore content of vitamins is minimal while content of acids is maximal. They cause decalcination and when consumed in substantial quantities they also calls osteoporosis.

2. Do not buy strawberries that originate in foreign countries - they content viruses that induce hepatitidis of type A, and aphtae.

3. Do not eat anything that contains citric acid which is most aggressive among organic acids. It is added to all soft-drinks except of pure water (only original Coca-Cola and Pepsi Cola are preserved by phosphoric acid). Citric acid is also contained in many foods and candies. It decalcifies organism - induces spasm, dissolves mucous which then easily let through infectious viruses and bacteria.

4. Do not fry on oil due to its low degree of over-burn and creation of toxins when continually used for frying.

5. Do not use margarines - artificial fats. Butter is healthier alternative. No cow will poison her calf - she rather chooses to die. On the other hand, human poisons each other gradually - like rat - in exchange for a few coins .

6. Do not eat yogurts with long expiration date - they are full of preservatives and they are dead In Then you have to buy ACTIVIA that has half-living bacterias.

7. Do not consume smoked meat and processed cheese in bigger quantities. They contain quick salts which dissolve sulfuric bridges in colagen and elastine in our veins, tendons and joints.

8. Do not consume roasted peanuts - they contain poisonous toxins. Exclude also chips due to repeated oil over-burn.

9. Do not eat pastry stored in plastic - Candida albicans fungi starts to develop on it after 3 hours.

10. Do not consume - in larger quantities - walnuts, unripe bananas, long infused black tea - due to high content of tanstuffs that also have ability to absorb calcium and magnesium.

Recommended foods are the ones that were eaten by our ancestors who lived the longest and who didn't need to live in the hospice. If they haven't swap you with somebody else in the in the hospital when you were born - you have it in your genetics..

Free sequel of the interview with Dr. Lukes

It has to be you who needs to choose your attitude towards your health and we can help you to walk the right way.

Lukes's parasitological questionnaire
there many people to whom bio resonance devices were able locate and exterminate centers of parasites - even ones, that doctors identified as cancer. MUDr. Petr Lukes, who is overwhelmed by constant questions, created a questionnaire that can help to identify primary information for doctors for people searching for solution to their health problems.

Why parasitological questionnaire?
Because if you logically think about health condition of our inhabitants, you will be terrified to find out, that it is even in the worse state in spite of all examinations with even the most modern devices. Doctors are helpless because examinations are repetitively negative. Virtually nobody thinks about parasites because they of isufficient knowledge based on the reasoning that they do not exist in our country and there is no real cure for them. Since 1992 until today disappeared 30 very effective medications for parasites, fungi and protozoids. Then of course, logically, if there are no medications and there is also no will in a medical conscious to acknowledge their existence, then very few doctors will accept discussion on this topic while rest will prefer to assume "ostrich"approach.

What are the possibilities for doctors to find out more about parasites?
Towards the end of 2008 publishing company Osveta in Slovakia, Martin published beautiful book called "Medical parasitology" with comprehensive schemes. After reading these beautiful publication I was thrilled that even non-doctor can form opinion. Against this publication,not even the most common arguments of intellectuals will withstand. Perhaps I would like to explain to readers term "scientific" versus "nonscientific". Scientific means "to know" (note. In Czech language "scientific" is translated as "knowledgeable" where source word is "to know") and then nonscientific which means "to not know". The ones who know, will stop and think about new arguments. The ones who don't know - especially arrogant and egoistic intellectuals - will start to resent over the new topic and they will become modern inquisitors and as their argument they will bring 10 m3 into TV and they will call as a support editors and directors. Naturally, they cannot admit that there could be something they don't know. Do you have any idea how much would their ego and sponsoring suffer? The same applies to bio resonance examination and therapy. There will be always "not knowing" ones who after proper briefing and sponsoring will enforce prohibition of methods that are used to heal astronauts, presidents (such as Putin), best soccer players,top-class hockey players and so on.

How do you see further evolution of our healthcare and destiny of our nation?
I see it fine - as long as ones sitting in the top chairs learn a lesson from one magical joke:
One billionaire bought flight in the fastest and most advanced jet fighter with the best pilot." So, show me what this plane can do". Pilot talks to himself "You bet!". As soon as they get airborne, he sharply breaks left with several G over load. From behind pilot hears "I was expecting that". Pilot talks to himself that this is some tough guy so he sharply breaks right with even more G over load and from behind he can hear again "I was expecting that too". The pilot talks to himself "Now I will show him something " - he breaks sharply left then breaks sharp right and into looping. From behind he can this time hear "I didn't expect that". After the landing the pilot asks the billionaire about his impressions and he pats him on the shoulder for being tough. The billionaire explains "during the left break I was expecting that I will pee myself, during the right break I was expecting that I will poo myself but I didn't expect that during the looping all of that would slap into my helmet."
Legend (like in the Bible): left break = democratic party, right break = social party, helmet = state and health care.
Lesson: power mongers don't step into jet fighter so that you don't poo into your helmet!

To conclude...
Greetings to all and don't forget to sweeten by refined sugar so that you are clever and bright. Yup, explanation for non-chemists who already forgotten that scharose is a disacharide consisting of glucose and fructose that are purified by calcium hydroxide. I don't think there is needs to emphasize Calcium and its importance for organism.
One last thing: do not believe semi-truths in mass media or OLS (one-lady-said) type truth because 1000 times repeated lie becomes truth so let's not star WWIII!


Name and surname:
Age: Mobile:
Residence (County or town is enough):

Mark corresponding answer to following questions:
1. Do you own pets or agricultural animals YES NO
2. Visit of foreign countries - especially exotic ones for last seven years? YES NO
3. Dizziness YES NO
4. Headaches YES NO
5. Vascular or cardiovascular problems YES NO
6. Digestion complications YES NO
7. Respiratory complications YES NO
8. Gynecological complications YES NO
9. Problems during urinating YES NO
10. Joint aches YES NO
11. Allergies (skin or respiratory ones) YES NO
12. Sensory problems (problems with smell, sight, hearing) YES NO
Psychological complications:
13. Depressions YES NO
14. Fatigue YES NO
15. Confusion YES NO
16. Insomnia YES NO
17. Fears, anxieties YES NO
Positively passed examinations by classical medicine for presence of parasites, protozoids and fungi:
18. Blood YES NO
19. Microbiology (scruff) YES NO

If you replied "YES"to at least 13 questions and at the same time doctors are sending you to psychiatry than for 95% your body is host to several parasites. Their presence can be discovered or confirmed only through by resonance diagnostics and they can be exterminated through bio resonance therapy and anti-parasites medications.
Disclaimer for patients - do not ask about the principle of bio resonance diagnostics and therapy. This information is easily accessible on Internet. It consumes my precious time that I need for patients.