SI Ultimate Complex

Presenting the "SI Ultimate Compex" - our 3-in-1 Complete Quantum Diagnostics and Energy Compensation Complex.

We live in the New Age times when both the Medicine (holistic doctors) and the Science (quantum physics) recognize on a proved basis, that a Human Organism is a complex multi-level system that includes the physical processes, the mental processes and the energy-information processes. So very often, it's a connection between all 3 levels that creates health problems that aren't possible to tackle by only scanning the physical body.

Introducing our "SI Ultimate Compex" which offers a unique combination of 3 Holistic Health technologies that, for both medical and alternative practitioners, open an unparalleled work with health on all the levels - physical problems, energy problems, psychological problems, electro-magnetic polution in modern homes and offices.

Element 1: Problems in the human organs and systems
Sensitiv Imago - our best-selling diagnostics/testing/compensation technology. Provides a full scan of human body, identification of pathogens and individual testing of food, medicines, supplement. Also includes the energy compensation possibilities for organs and systems.

Element 2: Problems in the Human Energy Centers and the Human Biofield
Aureola S - our new bio-photon holography scan technology. Provides the view of the energy-imbalancies in a) the Human Bio-field Energy (Aura) and b) the Human Energy Centers (Chakras) and their impact on the problems in the physiological organs of the tested person.

Element 3: Problems with the environmental electro-magnetic polution.
SI Angel - our new best-seller, the quantum energy protection technology. Protect the human organism against the modern-age electro-magnetic polution coming from the electro-magnetic devices (computers, mobile phones, radioactive waves, electric lamps, geopathogen zones etc.)

Main Advantages of the "SI Ultimate Complex":

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