Faked bioresonance devices

In connection with the great interest to bioresonance diagnostics and therapy the more and more devices which don't meet the quality level that it should come on the market.
One of the best known companies in the market ALFA-MED HOLDING - producer of equipment Sensitiv Imago - is trying to protect their user and patient in a very interesting way. Below you can see an official statement of the company.

Holding ALFA-MED is the owner of market brands, inventions and patents, manufacturing equipment certified according to the RF and EU standards, which also owns the prestigious EU award for the best innovative technology.
Specialists of the holding are very concerned about the large amount of faked diagnostic devices that are filling the market. We are surprised of a quantity of complaints from owners of low-quality devices, patients and other "victims". These people are often turning to our support to verify the authenticity of their equipment and to make a more detailed investigation about their device.
We decided to embark on such an investigation and reported on all the fakes. On our website we constantly noticing that we do not produce, fix or improve any of "faketrons". Not only that such fake devices you can find on the photos below, but you read the conditions of earning a reward if you inform us of fake products such these devices.
Because government doesn't manage to fight with fakes and the buyer is unable to distinguish a fake from a quality instrument in a short time, we decided to start an "unprecedented" method of fighting fake devices.

ALFA-MED will fight against fakes by buying out such machines in exchange for a new high-quality instruments!

Our offer is very convenient if you take into account that fakes were never too expensive. If you bring faked device, you can get a discount of 11-15% to cover the cost of a new high-quality equipment! Then you can work on our certified device without worrying about legality of your activities. In this way we can get rid of large amounts of "faketrons" and you, without moral and financial losses, will own a modern facility with certified warranty service.
Join us. Modern equipment can save lives.

Terms of the offer
Devices working on the principle of: Oberon - Metatron, biotest, NLS, TMS, ... made by 2009
• economic series - 10% discount
• professional series - 13% discount
• business series - 15% discount

Devices working on the principle of: Oberon - Metatron, biotest, NLS, TMS, ... manufactured after 2009
• economic series - 12% discount
• professional series - 15% discount
• business series - 19% discount

Official older device series
• individual offer

Company ALFA-MED is the first and only one with that kind of offer! Management of the company recognizes that competitors will consider this action as advertising move, but we absolutely responsibly declare that if other companies will hold us, we can all collectively get rid of faked devices and contribute to the healing of our citizens. A primary goals we're not competitors, but associates.

Our offer works! Those are the happy owners, who exchanged the old computer-based diagnostics for improved innovative technology.

Fakes from the regions
Devices made allegedly under license Alfa-Med in Miass (Chelabinsk area) and in Kharkov (Ukraine) are not really full diagnostic devices and we had no relationship to them. Manufacturer tried an old trick - changing the device name. The same thing happened with Oberon, who long ago discredited itself because of low efficiency. Instead, it came on the market better equipment (but which in fact are not new): Biotest, Vektorn, Bioskener, Oberton bio, Oberon - Metatron ... just the same old product introduced in new packaging with a new advertising and new name. It's fundamentals has not changed, the device still have the same structure and unfortunately they are all almost identical. Unlike those organizations, has High Technology Center of Alfa-Med full responsibility for their equipment. Our diagnostic devices "Sensitiv Imago" corresponds to the description and has excellent results in terms of efficiency. Fakes from these regions have a structural diagram of Oberon 4007 or 4009 (year 1997). Their software is virtually not so different from the old Metapatie. It is understandable that such a "noticeable" modernization can't increase the effectiveness of the program or the device itself.

Be careful! Do not buy such devices! They're fakes, which are issued for diagnostic equipment!

Trust only reputable companies with a good reputation!

Holding Alfa-Med offers bioresonance equipment of the fourth generation - Sensitiv Imago - with the maximum level of protection tested in the laboratories of the Russian Federation, United Kingdom and Germany. Devices are using multilayer printed circuit boards, which can not be copied or faked. Our diagnostic equipment won the highest award by the European Union as an "Innovative perspective equipment". With us you can always be assured of high quality, warranty and authenticity of the equipment by Holding Alfa-Med.
For such a powerful Holding, such as Alfa-Med, are petty intrigues from manufacturers of fakes not a threat. The quality of our equipment is long confirmed not only in Russia but also in the global market. We can guarantee our quality!

Use only services of large trusted manufacturers!

Reward for information about faked products!
If you become aware of any unauthorized use of our licensing program or device, please inform us about it. If you have such information, contact the security department of the holding Alfa-Med. Reward for reliable information is guaranteed!

You can see our photos of fakes below.