Shuman waves - real living factor

Technical appliances are progressing while environment in which we live is regressing. 24 hours a day we are under destructive influence of artificial electromagnetic fields whose power exceeds hundred million times more over what, only yesterday, our ancestors experimented with on themselves. In large cities including Sankt Peterburg the density of artificial electromagnetic fields is 100 - 1000 times more than natural background - aggressive environment in which it is not possible to live without protection or to be under constant influence of exhausting disease and same treatment.

All of this has led to the point where nature-defined frequencies 7.8 a 14.1 Hz were destroyed by electromagnetic smog. Disbalance occurs and disharmony of all functional systems of organism, that in natural surroundings has to work autonomously, is underway. For example if epiphysis is attuned to frequency of 8 Hz, it will enforce to work in synchronicity left and right brain hemisphere, and only in such case brain hemispheres starts to control subcortex which produces male and female hormones - this cannot be controlled artificially. Only under influence of 8 Hz frequency, pineal gland produces hormone- melatonin.

Doctors discovered that without melatonin cancer forms in human organism. This finding was proven thanks to research made on female flight attendants in United States and Switzerland and their profession disease - mamal glands cancer. Research has shown that in organism there was melatonin missing. Melatonin causes thyroid gland to be active. Worst of all is, however, when it was discovered that EMI destroys pineal gland itself. Now, for example, only right hemisphere works which is, apart from other things, source of psychological diseases such as depressions and so on.

In the USA (NASA) and also Germany (Max Planck Institute) were executed long experiments that have revealed that Schuman waves are needed in order to synchronize biological rhythms and normal existence of all living on Earth. Today, it is already known, that people exerting great effort and those under stress are in need of these waves. Apart from that, elderly people, vegetatively sensitive people and also chronically diseased people are very sensitive to absence of Schuman. This can lead to headaches, loss of orientation, dizziness, vomiting and so on. To this day, the electromagnetic environment of the planet - due to human influence - has been polluted into such an extent, that human organism "cannot hear" Shuman waves.

How can we help to a modern and virtually sick person? It is necessary to develop devices that protect information - energetic structures of human, and also purify environment of negative emissions through which it will create ideal conditions for bio field and natural conditions for existence of its owner.

These devices needs to be generators of Shuman waves, pulsating on the frequency of 8 Hz - which corresponds to the frequency of pulsation of magnetic field of Earth and alfa rhythm of human brain. 8 Hz is supporting signal for pineal gland. As soon as this frequency is "detected", synchronized cooperation of left and right hemisphere takes place. Together they oversee control of all hormones produced in organism that are necessary for health.

Pineal gland starts to produce hormone of youth and well-being - melatonin. At the same time,thyroid gland, responsible for synchronized function of pancreas, adrenal gland and ovaries, starts to do its work. Whole organism starts to work correctly and in one rhythm. Bio field is being restored. As soon as bio field is restored, our information body starts to work - through which energy from universe starts to flow to our organism and the process of regeneration and recovery takes place. As a result of this, organism restores its life force and all diseases starts to disappear.

Side effects? Can there be any side effects resulting from return to something that we are genetically predetermined to? All hours spent in front of TV, computer, whole hours spent by talking to the mobile phone, riding in electric transportation, staying in x-ray room and not to be protected - this is true danger for health!

Who needs such a device the most? Inhabitants of large cities - especially children and young people are mostly endangered by this pathogenic influences. Employees of energy - saturated spheres such as computer rooms in schools, primary schools and nurseries, hospital employees with progressive medical equipment, transportation employees, mass media employees and also military personnel.

Doctors discovered one very interesting thing. If a person is in a stressful situation - life-threatening situation (sportsman during record performance, driver during an accident, soldiers in battlefield...) this induces antiphaze periodicity of brain hemisphere activity. Dr. Rober Beck, nuclear physicist, who traveled all around the world and was measuring brain waves of healers, discovered, that during the healing session - independent of religious orientation or spiritual traditions - their brain showed same pattern of brain waves with frequency from 7 to 8 Hz. Consequently, Beck found out that oscillations of magnetic field of Earth has frequency from 7.8 - 8 Hz. These oscillations or fluctuations are called Shuman waves..

While making additional research Dr. Beck discovered that during the moment of healing brain waves of healer are being synchronized with Schuman waves as far as frequency and phase is concerned. This means, that pulsation of brain waves of healer does not only have the same frequency as Shuman waves, but is also take place at the same time. It is possible to predict that healers are able to source energy from magnetic field of the Earth for healing their patient. This process is called unification of fields.

Dr. John Zimmerman, founder and president of Institute of Bio electromagnetism in the Reno, Nevada, was occupied by study with variety of literature dealing with unification of fields and correlation of information contained based on experience of healers. It was confirmed that, what is referred to as "grounding" by healers is essentially a method how to connect to a magnetic pole of Earth as far as frequency and phase is concerned. He found out that, as soon as healers establish connection with Shuman waves, their right and left brain hemisphereis harmonized and start to work in alpha rhythm at frequency 7.8 - 8 Hz. After, when he places his hands on the patient - patient's brain waves also enter alpha rhythm and synchronize with brain waves of the healer. Bbalance is restored between brain hemispheres of patients. This means that, healer as if would be connecting the patient through himself to pulsating magnetic field of Earth and doing so he opens for him an access to enormous source of energy.