Active bio resonance therapy (ABRT)

Recently we can observe, around the world, increasing tendency of shift on the scale of human diseases where on the first place of this scale are diseases induced by medical influence on functionality of the whole organism - for example medications.

On the second place, according to WHO, there are diseases of regulation: diseases related to destruction of functionality of regulation systems - nervous, endocrine and immune - under the influence of negative factors from environment that surrounds human.

Fundamental sources of electrical and electromagnetic signals in human are:
- muscle activity - for example rhythmical contractions of cardial muscle
- activity of neurons, so-called transmission of electric signals between senses and brain and also transmission of electrical signals from brain to executing systems - to hands, legs
- metabolic activity.

Various microorganisms (intestinal parasites, fungi, bacteria and viruses), however, lack nervous and muscle system. In this case, the source of electrical and electromagnetic fields would be their metabolic activity. Metabolism is what divides "living" nature from "non- living". Movement of any charged particle around other particle creates a magnetic field - group of charged particles create electric potential. These predictions allow to approach treatment and prophylaxis in a non-chemical way in accordance with natural physical laws.

Life activity of human, animals, but also parasites, bacteria, and viruses is accompanied by various types of electric activity. An example would be activities such as electric potentials registered during EEG or EKG examination.

Many diseases are closely related to presence of parasites, bacteria, viruses or fungi in the organism which applies to infection stages as well as to ones already living inside organs in the stage of symbiosis with tissue structures of given organ. In order to suppress this microorganism, there is no need for additional load by antibiotics - not so harmless form of chemotherapy. Using the knowledge of frequency of metabolic activity of given microorganism, it is possible to exert influence on them by frequency oscillation that would disrupt their own rhythms and that would suppress their normal metabolic activity. As it is shown by research, such influence is absolutely harmless for human organism. Given method of treatment was named active bio resonance therapy (ABRT).

Etiology of severe chronic diseases such as Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, AIDS, cancer, sclerosis multiplex, endometriosis, severe arthritis, muscle dystrophy and so on, is not always known but an opinion prevails that essential factors of pathogenesis are hidden parasitic infections.

According to WHO, 430 million of people around the world are infected by 14 basic parasitic infections. According to doctors most people around the world are carriers of hidden infections.

Parasitic infections - group of contagious diseases induced by parasites (amoeba, trepanosoms, pneumocysts, toxoplasmosis,... ), parasitic worms (helmits), insects and ticks, pathogenic microorganisms (bacteria, spirochete, rickettsia - that are parasiting on fleas, louse, ticks, pathogenic fungi and viruses).

Hidden parasitic infections are not obvious which is the reason why for doctor - therapist or infectionist - it stays hidden. Essence of such approach is described in the work of well-known scientist and doctor Hulda Regher Clark. Fundamental knowledge of her work was confirmed by obtained clinical experiences in the United States and Germany, including participation of many independent experts from Germany such as M. Keymer, A. E. Baklayan and others.

It is possible to fight with assumed parasite in a following manner - we input 3 - 5 min. strong noise with high amplitude of signal into the middle of rhythm frequency scale of parasite's viable activity. Doing so we will enforce upon the parasite external - unnatural rhythm which will induce his deactivation.

It is hard to get a grasp on parasites that are within the cells of organs. But if they get into the blood stream, they will get eliminated. It was discovered that it is possible to destroy parasites in the blood circulation by a non-synchronous noise at the frequency of 30 GHz, but it is necessary to increase the influence time from 3 to 7 min. - which corresponds to complete recirculation of blood in organism. After such cycle of influence it is necessary to take 20 to 30 min. break and then execute second session in order to eliminate second run of multiplied parasites that entered into the blood circulation. Certain intestinal parasites are carriers of bacteria and viruses which are released into the bloodstream when their carrier dies. Therefore one more cycle of influence is necessary.

Question: Isn't this harmful for the human organism?
Answer: No. Frequency of parasites lies between 100 and 400 kHz. Resonance frequency of structures of human organism lies between 1 to 10 MHz. Harmful frequencies for human organism lies beyond 1 MHz.

Exogenous BRT

In clinical research, there have been experimentally (thanks to biopotentialography) obtained frequencies of spontaneous bioelectrical activity (or SBA) for each specific organ - theoretically through use of certain mathematical models. For example frequency for observation of spontaneous biological impulses of stomach, is according to our findings 0,043 Hz; while descending colon has frequency 0,064 Hz. These two parameters are related in coefficient ratio of 3/2 and each one of them is a support for order of characterizing SBA of other organs or stages of nervous organization and other functional systems of organism.

Within these order of SBA frequency belong frequencies of virtually all hollow organs, veins and groupings of nervous system. In this process is used gradual doubling of initial markings of frequencies, which is used to form orders. For example atrioventicular knot of cardial automatism is located in order of stomach and sinoatrial knot is located in order of large intestine. In such manner, frequency of healing signal during BRT corresponds to spontaneous biopotentials that are predicting activity of various organs in normal (physiological) state. It is understandable that electromagnetic field is generated around the tissue through which passes electrical signal. Healing signal used during the treatment is strictly symmetric, while during pathological changes in structures its asymmetric.

For this reason, all that is needed, is to place on the skin projection of disturbed organ desired therapeutic signal corresponding to its topography in order to, after a period of time, witness recovery.

Nevertheless, there is one more curiosity - not all organs have SBA. It was discovered that it is possible to effectively correct, even their pathology, using spectrum of frequencies that are close to absolute refractory phaze of nerve impulsation perception. These regimes are calculated based on formula F= V/L, where F stands for frequency, V stands for spreading velocity of electric impulse and L for dimensions of the object. The smaller dimensions of the influence object, the higher the frequency of the healing signal.